I loved my work. 
I loved being a teacher to students learning English. 
I was good at it. 

I poured so much of myself into my work that I would come home physically and mentally exhausted.  On breaks I would be thinking about the next project I would assign, or a better way to teach a unit, or what to do for a struggling student. 

But after nine years of teaching, I've hung up my teacher hat for now. Our beautiful daughter was born in April; I decided to give my notice in mid-May.

It wasn’t an easy decision. I went back and forth for months. Lists of pros and cons filled post-it notes and my brain at night. After that many years of teaching and loving my work, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with myself staying at home. I was confident, though, that I couldn’t work and be fully present with my daughter. Many mothers work. They’ve found a way to balance their home life and their career. They do it well. I didn’t see how I could.  I knew that I would always feel split between not doing enough for my job or for my family. I didn’t want to go back to work and feel that I had to choose to finish a project or be at home with my daughter and husband. So I chose. I chose the full-time job of caring for my daughter.

So now the transition has started. As in all lives, there will be amazing days and difficult days. As with all choices, there will be times I will wish I'd chosen differently. But I do know that my new life is good. Joy fills my heart. So here's to starting a new journey. 

Thanks for joining me.

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