Beach (Lake) Baby

Kristen's in-laws have a house on Beaver Lake and are always gracious about letting us stay there. We had planned to go out for the weekend after Branson and stay the night with Kristen, then head to Beaver, which is only about a 25 minute drive. We let Zoe take a nap on Saturday and then packed up our gear. We were thinking we'd probably not spend the night, but threw in Zoe's pack and play, just in case. We pulled up, and lo-and-behold, there was a truck there parked already. Hmmm.  Somehow communication wires had been crossed somewhere, and there was another family staying the weekend. They were lovely, gracious people though, and let us share the dock for the afternoon, and weren't at all put out by us crashing their party. (And shared their floats and noodles and even gave some fruit to Zoe.)

Zoe seemed to enjoy the water, for a while. She wanted to be in the water with us, rather than in her float. It's hard to explain to a 15 month old that Daddy can't touch the bottom, so if you want to swim, you have to stay in the float. We made it work with lots of entertainment on our part. We'd bought her some sunglasses at an outlet mall in Branson. We'd say, "How cool is Zoe?", she'd put them on, make a cheesy face, then rip them off. I really don't know how some moms can get their kids to wear sunglasses and keep them on longer than five seconds. Anyone have any tips? Or is it a personality thing? After a while, she didn't want to be in the water anymore, so we took turns watching her on the dock. Well, Auntie Kristen did most of the watching. They had fun playing together.

Here's a few more beach baby photos from the lake:

Sugared donuts from Pinterest...thank you Auntie Kristen! They were addictive!

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  1. Rachel Sister-in-lawJuly 24, 2012 at 8:16 AM

    Sweet pics Carrie! Gosh, how is it that Zoe already looks so much bigger? I think it is her smile, her teeth are looking more grown-in. Sigh, don't grow up too fast Zoe! The lake looks beautiful, glad you guys had a good time! :)


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