The big reveal

We didn't find out what we were having when we were expecting Zoe. Since it was our first, we loved the idea of just waiting and actually being surprised when the doctor announced, "It's a..." 

(Although to be honest, I have zero memories of that announcement. I only remember Nathaniel going back and forth from the foot of the bed to my side and at some point telling me it was a girl. But I loved the idea anyway.)

So with this one, we thought for about a half a second that we might be surprised again, or find out just for us but keep it a secret. But then we thought, no...let's find out. Our sonogram appointment was on Friday. Baby Lutke did NOT want to cooperate. The sonographer had me roll to one side, then lay flat on my back, then roll to the other side, then thumped my stomach with her wand. Thirty minutes of this. We had invited both our moms to come for the big reveal, and my mom kept giving me sympathetic looks as I was rolled and prodded. Is this a harbinger of a stubborn baby? Please, no.

But then, how lovely. We were able to tell! Hooray! 

Here are a few photos from Saturday at our veryverysmall  gender reveal cupcake fest. Thanks Jenny, Archie, Jackie & Steph for coming to be surprised. Fun, fun.

And it's a BOY!

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  1. Awww, Congratulations! What a fun idea! Zoe is going to be a great big sister! Whoooo hooo!!


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