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Today's guest post is authored by my dear friend, Alicia. I've known Alicia since our sophomore year at JBU. We were both education majors and shared books, studied together, wrote learning objectives together (that our professor accused us of cheating on), traveled to student teaching together and were RA's together. She's a Navy wife with three beautiful children, and blogs about her life at Crazy Submarine Lady and is editor and writer at Today's Housewife. She also bakes amazing, beautiful, delicious cookies. You can look up her business on facebook here.

Thanks, Alicia, for giving us a glimpse into your life. Without futher ado, please enjoy her 150 words on the Seasons of life...

 150 words on Seasons 

  My season of life is constantly changing. Just as I get into a routine, circumstances start to change. As one child gains the independence to feed themselves, another baby is born. As one masters potty training, another discovers the ability to remove a dirty diaper during nap time. Basically, just as we mothers start to figure things out, the kids throw us a curveball. It's constantly challenging and exciting, and often frustrating. But it can also be encouraging. Some seasons are particularly difficult. But we can take heart in knowing that each season will end. It might feel long and hard, but we will be rewarded. Ecclesiastes 3 tells us that there is a time for everything. This is my time for dirty diapers, crunched up Cheerios and endless mountains of laundry. And on those very, very long days I trust that one day I'll miss this particular season.

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