Celebrating 4 years

My good man brought home flowers!

Nathaniel's mom came over on our anniversary night (thank you!!!) and watched our darling cranky teething daughter so we could go out to eat. We had a giftcard that Nathaniel had gotten for Christmas that we planned to use. However, my husband was being his usual trickster self and only wanted me to think that we were going to use it. "Why are we going this way?" "Oh, I forgot...I guess we can take this cross street across town, right?" "Don't you need to be in the right lane?" Oh.

We went instead to Sweet Basil, an Italian restaurant we went to one time for Valentine's Day while we were dating. It was lovely. I think we even got the same booth we had before. Maybe not, but for romantic reasons I'd like to think we did. That Valentine's Day (I think it was the February before we got engaged that summer) I bought Nathaniel cologne and he bought me a John Piper book. Now, I love John Piper books. We actually got to hear him speak when we went to the Passion conference in 2007. However, this book was titled Future Grace (you can look at it on his website here) and it's a really, really great book about...sin. Nathaniel didn't realize that's what the book was about when he gave it to me. It's worth reading, just maybe not the most romantic Valentine's gift. We had a great time laughing and reminiscing. Oh, and the food was good.

After dinner we went to the fabulous Cocoa Dolce for chocolates and coffee. It was a simple night: my favorite kind.

We didn't remember to take any photos, so here's a couple of my favorites (showing Nathaniel's mad Daddy skills) from a family session we had with JWild photography recently.


  1. :) You guys are an inspiration.

  2. Awww! Glad you had a fun night!


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