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Welcome to a new series.

I and some dear friends will be posting on various topics in the coming weeks. One things in common will be the brevity of these posts: only 150 words or less. Less is more!

Look for them on upcoming Fridays. Enjoy!

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150 words on Joy

  Zoe loves fruit and her Daddy but she especially loves her Pooh Bear. Her uncle Jeff gave him to her when she was born. When she was a few months old and we were working hard on getting her to sleep on her own, we’d put Pooh next to her in her crib and she’d cling to him like she was drowning. She shrieks with delight when she sees him and burrows her face into his and rubs his ears with her fingers. Pooh’s ears have turned gray with her love. She is fully satisfied in Pooh’s presence. Her joy has been made complete when he is around: you can see it in her face and in her actions. Jesus talks about our joy being complete in Him as we follow Him. This image of my daughter rejoicing in the nearness of her friend Pooh is my new standard for joy. 

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