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This post is in honor of my amazingly talented, way too humble husband, whose article "The 'Memel Problem:' German Memelland in the History of World War II with an Aim to its Proper Placement" was just published in Wichita State's history journal the Fairmount Folio! Way to go! This is the start of many wonderful things to come... Babe, think about this moment and think about the HOURS and HOURS and HOURS that you spent researching, writing, rewriting, footnoting, double-checking, rewriting things that were already done because the professor didn't know true Chicago Manual of Style... Think about all of the coffee fueled late nights you spent in the straight-backed chair in your upstairs office... And realize, hey, I worked crazy hard for this. I deserve to be published! And I deserve some donuts from the Donut Whole! Okay, okay! After work we'll take you there and you can get whatever you want. So proud of you!

With the other honorees at Watermark Books
With his Mom & Dad

With proud wife & slightly concerned daughter

Zoe's current favorite game that Opops taught her

Omgosh, I see a dog! A dog-dog! Right there on the shelf!

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