Fun with names


Zoe was always on our list of names. We wanted something different but not so different that no one could pronounce it. (However, I've now heard of people mispronouncing Zoe...rhyming it with "Joe" instead of "Joey." Huh.)

So for your time-waster of the night (or day, depending on when you read this), these neato tools will show you the rank of names.

This one will show you a graph with the rankings throughout history, starting with the census of 1880. Carrie was incredibly popular as a name in the 1880s...topping off at #22! In the 70s it had another peak at #41. Zoe has just broken into the top 100 this past decade. It was #31 last year.

This one will show you a map of the US and where names are the most popular.

Have fun!

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